Selecting Three js object from transparent menu

I have a building model in Three js. For my use case, I select a component from the building model and capture the uuid of the component. Then I need to click a button from the menu to see detailed information. Menu is inserted to the page in scripts. When I click the button it selects the component of building which stays behind it. Therefore, I cannot access the data which I selected before.

In the above picture for example, I have Buttons1-3. Before going to buttons, I select one component of building model. Then when I click any of the button, mouse also selects the building component behind it such as window behind Button1, wall behind Button2, etc. Therefore, I cannot access the uuid of component which I selected before. How can I prevent this?? Following is the code:

    JA.addMenu = function () { = JA.container.appendChild( document.createElement( 'div' ) ); = 'movable'; = 'Move the menu around or click here to close the menu'; 'mousedown', JA.mouseMove, false ); = '<a id=closerIcon href=JavaScript:JA.toggleMenu(); ><p><i class="fa fa-bars"></i></p></a>' +
        '<p>' +
            '<a href="" title=' + JA.TitleText2 + '>' + JA.TitleText1 + '' + JA.TitleText1 + '</a> ' +
        '</p>' +
        '<hr>' +
    window.addEventListener( 'mouseup', JA.mouseUp, false);


JA.Button1Tab = function () {

    var tab = document.createElement( 'div' ) );
    tab.title = 'Button1';
    tab.innerHTML =
        '<a href=# onclick=JA.toggleDialogs(JA.aboutDialog); ><p class=button >' +
            '<i class="fa fa-share-alt"></i> Button1' +
    JA.aboutDialog = JA.container.appendChild( document.createElement( 'div' ) ); = 'display: none; background-color: #ccc; left: 50px; opacity: 0.9; padding: 20px; ' +
        'bottom: 0; left: 0; height: 370px; margin: auto; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; width: 500px; z-index:10; ';
    JA.aboutDialog.innerHTML =
        '<h3>' + document.title + ' ' + JA.titleIcon + '</h3>' +
        +'<h4>Menu explains the following:</h4>' 


Ok so, in your code you have set the z-index of the menu buttons. Try setting the z-index of the menu panel so the container will be below the menu. The menu and the container in your code are on the same level thats why both listen the click event.

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