Parse json file that save on server in phonegap

My json file that have data

    "id": 19,
    "name": "Science",
    "quiz": "quiz6"
    "id": 21,
    "name": "general knowledge",
    "quiz": "For banking"
    "id": 26,
    "name": "Technologies",
    "quiz": "arithmatic"
    "id": 27,
    "name": "english",
    "quiz": "abcde"
    "id": 28,
    "name": "computer",
    "quiz": "basic Question"

save on a server.Now i want to parse it in phonegap(android).How to do that. When I save that file on my project and use it then it work, but when i use that file directly on server site then its not working.Is there any permission or plugin needed to access json on server side.

If in url i pass the "http://some folders/places.php" then it not work.


Thanks to all. Its working now.I try it on phone and its working.Actually my AVG software block my emulator to access the internet. Thats why it was not working.

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