Append records from one table to another using the common field

There are many varied posts about this matter, but I am unable to find the answer I need. I am hoping this question is unique.

I am trying to append all the data from one table to another, without creating new records. The data in the second table is really a subset of data for a portion of the existing records in the first table.

For example: I have the table "SPK". And I want to write all of the data from SPK into the table "RCT". The common field between each record I want to match is the RegID, which is unique in both tables (i.e. there is only one SPK record per RCT record).


If I understand correctly, you mean append the columns in one table (call it SECOND) to the other (call it FIRST).

In that case, does this work ?

    ON speakersTest.RegistrationID = regcontactsTest.RegistrationID
SET regcontactsTest.presentationtitle = speakersTest.presentationtitle

EDIT: Updated the query based on Mariadb syntax

You need to use JOIN. For general Update join :

 update tab1 a 
   join tab2 b ON a.join_colA = b.join_colB  
   SET a.columnToUpdate = [something]

Or in other words:

  tab1 a 
  join tab2 b on ..
set a.field=...;

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