How to remove Create and Edit... from many2one field.?

Please advice me How to remove "Create and Edit..." from many2one field.? that item shows below in the many2one fields which I filtered with domain option.

OpenERP version 7


I don't have much idea. Maybe for that you have to make changes in web addons.

But an alternative solution is that you can make that many2one field selection. Add widget="selection" attribute in your xml.

<field name="Your_many2one_field" widget="selection">

Many2one widget (default)

Options : Other possible options you can use with this widget.

  • no_quick_create - It will remove Create and edit... option.
  • no_create_edit - It will remove Create "entered text" option.
  • no_create - no_quick_create and no_create_edit combined.
  • no_open - in read mode: do not render as a link.


<field name="field_name" options="{'no_quick_create': True, 'no_create_edit' : True}"/>

You can refer it from Ludwik Trammer's post

It is tested in openerp v7.0 , in which we can remove 'create and edit' by downloading a module present at,

and adding attribute 'create':false, 'create_edit': false like this

    <field name="partner_id" options="{'limit': 10, 'create': false, 'create_edit': false}"/>

A nice tutorial about this is given here

For Odoo 8.0 and 9.0, you should use no_create and no_open.

no_create: Set to True to disable the option the create a new entry inside the drop down list.

no_open: Set to True to disable the button to the right of the drop down list which popup a windows allowing to edit the selected instance.

<field name="field_name"  options="{'no_create': True, 'no_open': True}" />

In the xml file put:

<field name="my_field_name" options="{'no_create' : True}"/>

I hope this works!

In the XML file:

Please add options="{'no_create': True}" to your field which will remove the create button

For those who don't want the 'selection' widget (it is less powerful, doesn't offer search capability) this is another method, tested in 8.

<xpath expr="//field[@name='partner_id']" position="attributes">
   <attribute name="options">{'no_create': '1', 'no_create_edit': '1'}</attribute>

just add no_open, no_create, no_create_edit, in options

<field name="partner_id" options='{"no_open": True,"no_create": 1, "no_create_edit": 1}'/>

I tried it and it is working fine.

In you XML file

<field name="your_field_name" options="{'no_quick_create':True,'no_create_edit':True,'no_open': True,}"/>

Solution for odoo here, for many2one relational field.

Works in listed below official odoo version, default feature.

  • odoo 9
  • odoo 10
  • odoo 11
<field name="patient_id" options="{'no_quick_create': true, 'no_create_edit': false}"/>


  • 'no_quick_create': true, disable inline creation feature, without
  • popup 'no_create_edit': true, disable inline creation with popup features. 'no
  • _create': true, diable inline and popup both with this only a option

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