App rejection for User registration

I recently submitted a multiplayer trivia app to the app store. There are 2 versions of the app but they are essentially the same thing just for different trivia.

One app was accepted but the other rejected

Here is the rejected reason

17.2 Details

We noticed that your app requires users to register to access non account-based features. Apps cannot require user registration prior to allowing access to app content and features that are not associated specifically to the user.

My app has followed the process that is similar to other major apps like trivia crack and words with friends.

The user gets a screen to sign in with facebook or sign in with email. When they click on sign in with email it brings them to a screen where they enter their email. We then create an account for them in the app.

This is required so that we can keep track of the user in each of the games they are playing and who they are playing against we also keep stats for that user based on how many questions they get wrong and how many right, also how many wins. We are storing all of this on our webserver so that the user can also use his account on a different device so that they can play their games on their iphone, ipad, ipod and so on.

We ask for nothing other than email, and if we dont have them register then we cant maintain all this information for them, especially if moving from device to device. Again, this is how almost ALL other larger multiplayer apps in the store do it. I mimicked them exactly.

I dont get it. Plus, one reviewer accepted one of the apps and another rejected the other app.

Should I appeal?


Yes, you can appeal. You can explain your position to reviewer, we had similar problem and after we've created appellation application was published.

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