Some stdperiph files are grayed in project explorer in eclipse (stm32) Why?

I created new "Cross ARM GCC" c++ project via eclipse wizard, but some stdperiph .c files are greyed? :( Why? screenshot


It means the directory and/or files are being filtered from the source locations in eclipse. Do this if you wanna get rid of it..

(Project) Properties ->C/C++ General ->Paths and Symbols ->Source Location Tab ->Edit Filter... ->Remove

Need Your Help

timestamp query not retrieving results?

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Hi there :) I am doing a query, and it will pull results where the timestamp is more than 30 days old. Here's what I've put so far:

How to build JSP/JSF like UiBinder tags in GWT?

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I've used JSP tag libs, freemarker, tiles, JSF-Facelets extensively in the past. Similar to their use of taglibs, is there anyway I could do the following in GWT UiBinder: