Twitter Bootstrap Modal cache on Microsoft Edge and IE (late versions)

I am having an issue using Twitter Bootstrap modals, whereby my ajax calls are not being updated in my Bootstrap modals. They are how ever affecting the database.

For example.

I will submit a new Citizenship, how ever - the modal which displays a list of citizenship's does not reflect this change.

Is there a way to clear the cache or have a nocache flag when lauching the modal or in the controllers?

This is the jQuery method which is called upon clicking a link to populate the modal.

$("body").on("click", ".modal-link", function(e) {
     $(this).attr("data-target", "#settings-modal");
     $(this).attr("data-toggle", "modal");

This is the link which is clicked:

@Html.ActionLink("Citizenships", "Index", "Citizenships", new {@class = "modal-link",title = ""})


You can use $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false }) to prevent ActionLinks from being cached. Place it at the end of the document or call it when the document is ready.

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