Visual Studio 2015 git commit folder structure

I'm trying to use Visual Studio 2015 as my main dev tool and with git functionality I keep running to problems with folder structure.

Example: VS2015 Python Project.

--Project Environments
--Folder(sprinter, holds the main files)

When I go to commit this to an empty git repo, on say GitLab, instead of it committing the files in "Folder(sprinter) and the requirements file (which I have to only include, everything else is excluded). I get this.

- sprinter
---sprinter(folder with files)

I've not seen anyone else on github or gitlab with this structure, it's usually just the source files:


Am I doing something wrong with how I do the initial push?


Am I doing something wrong with how I do the initial push?

Not with the initial push, no.

But the way the git repo has been initialized can explain why: it has been created above the sprinter solution folder, instead of inside it.

Check if you reproduce the issue with this Git-Visual Studio tutorial).

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