BigQuery not so fast today - tables with just 1 row taking a minute to query

We've been experiencing timeouts, and long running queries with BigQuery. The table is 1 row (8 bytes) and the query is taking on average 50 seconds.

This is causes issues with our applications, which are timing out after 10 seconds. They don't expect a query over 1 row to take that long.

Is there something wrong with BigQuery today?

Some example job ids:

  1. job_TlXh5ISWUc6QXpf3HQ3KC-iRdRw
  2. job_4OLNwAFN_j6mqMsnw2q8UUAJ528
  3. job_3bZjpkVOfb55PZbldCwot53HqWA
  4. job_V_EJzsuM9hjikBM-zQ_hCoEJNu8
  5. job_66awPpXPPfd7WrDuRzYf7o3bKPs


there was a temporary issue yesterday afternoon where some queries experienced added latency. I looked at several of your queries and they all appeared to have run during that time.

The issue was related to a blocking call that we were making to a monitoring service that was timing out. We've since fixed the issue. We're in the process of conducting an internal post-mortem to figure out how to prevent issues like this in the future.

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