Delete row in AngularJS + NodeJS + Postgresql

why I can delete row in frontend but its not deleted in postgresql ? I've been copy-paste the code from other menu in my program but it not work. I've been try to search in google because I think my code is wrong but its SAME !

here is my angularJS controller

 $scope.getDataLoct = function(){
    PanelEditor.getDataLoct().then(function(result) {
        console.log('result loct',result);
        var res =;
        console.log('resultdataloct', res);
            $scope.tampil= res; 

   $scope.deleteVenues = function(dataD, idx){
    var dataD = $scope.tampil[idx];
        $scope.tampil.splice(idx, 1);       

here is my angularJS HTML

   <div ng-model ="info"> 
      <table  class="ui celled padded table">
        <tbody class="content" ng-repeat="tmp in tampil track by $index">
              <td class="collapsing">
                <div class="ui ribbon label">{{$index +1}}</div>
              <td >{{tmp.title}}</td>
              <td >{{tmp.address}}</td>
              <td >{{tmp.latitude}}</td>
              <td >{{tmp.longitude}}</td>
              <td><div class="ui small blue basic icon buttons right floated">
                  <button class="ui button" tooltips tooltip-content="Edit" tooltip-side="bottom" tooltip-speed="fast" tooltip-size="small" tooltip-hide-trigger="click mouseleave" ng-click="clickMenuVenue('loct','Edit Venue','',info)">
                    <i class="write icon"></i>
                  <button class="ui button" tooltips tooltip-content="delete" tooltip-side="bottom" tooltip-speed="fast" tooltip-size="small" tooltip-hide-trigger="click mouseleave" ng-click="deleteVenues($index)">
                    <i class="remove icon"></i>

here is my angularJS service

  getDataLoct: function() {
    return $http.get('/venue/getAll/');

   deleteVenue: function(dataD) {
    return $'/venue/deleteVenue/',dataD);  

here is my NodeJS Controller

 deleteVanue: function (req, res) {
        Vanue.destroy({id:req.param('id')}).exec(function (err){
          return res.json(200);
    getAll: function (req, res) {
        Venue.find().sort({ id: 'asc' }).exec(function (err, found){
            return res.json(200, found);

and when I clik Remove Button the Console printed this dataD undifinded


if my question have mistake please help me to fix it


In your delete function:

$scope.deleteVenues = function(dataD, idx) {..}

you have TWO parameters in your controller.

But in the view you only call it with one parameter:


There are two options:

Either you pass the whole object which is to be deleted or you pass the $index.

Right now your app wants to read idx in the controller, but you are passing only one parameter. That's the reason why you get this error.

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