Sitecore 8: Get Sublayout item when .ascx file is shared

I have two sublayouts: Grid-1-2 and Grid-2-1.

The two sublayouts are sharing a single ASCX file (not a good sitecore practice but i need it this way).

The problem is that in the ASCX codebehind, i want to see if the current selected grid is Grid-1-2 or Grid-2-1 ?!

I have tried using both Datasource and RenderingId techniques but to no effect.


I was wondering if i can get the "Parameters" field from "Data" section of the sublayout. This would do the trick.

All suggestions are welcomed. Please Help !!


Can you try with :


Also other option is:

LayoutDefinition layoutDef = LayoutDefinition.Parse(Sitecore.Context.Item.Fields["__renderings"].Value);
string deviceId = Sitecore.Context.Device.ID.ToString();
DeviceDefinition curDeviceDef = layoutDef.GetDevice(deviceId);
RenderingDefinition renderingDef = curDeviceDef.GetRendering(Sitecore.Context.Database.Items["/sitecore/Layout/SubLayouts/MySublayout"].ID.ToString());
int controlIndex = curDeviceDef.GetIndex(renderingDef.UniqueId);
Control MyDotNetControl = Sitecore.Context.Page.Renderings[controlIndex].GetControl();

We have the following methods on a base class that all our sublayout controls inherit from... you could just pass in a parameter on each sublayout to identify it and retrieve it using the GetParameter method.. e.g. name="Grid-1-2" etc

    public string GetParameter(string key, string defaultValue = null)
        Sublayout s = this.SitecoreSublayout;
        if (s != null)
            if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(s.Parameters))
                NameValueCollection pars = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(s.Parameters);
                if (pars != null)
                    return pars[key];
        return defaultValue;

    protected Sublayout SitecoreSublayout
            Sublayout parent = this.Parent as Sublayout;
            return parent;

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