Deploying issue with SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services

I'm trying to deploy a report with SQL Server 2014, through Visual Studio 2013. The report is building well, it is deploying well, I can see it on my web page but when I click on it, I have the following error

Impossible de terminer l'action en cours. Les informations d'identification de la source de données de l'utilisateur ne répondent pas à la configuration requise pour exécuter ce rapport ou dataset partagé. Elles ne sont pas stockées dans la base de données du serveur de rapports ou la source de données de l'utilisateur est configurée pour ne pas exiger d'informations d'identification, mais le compte d'exécution sans assistance n'est pas spécifié. (rsInvalidDataSourceCredentialSetting)

It means the user data identification does not match or answer, the required config to run this report.

I've configured my datasource with an odbc and I've put the following string within the datasource:

Dsn=SQLPOITTOWN;uid=sa;persist security info=False

For my credentials, I've put "Use this username and password" with the username sa. I let the password field empty as there is no password.

What am I doing wrong?



To spare you all the comments , the solution is to create a user in the db with a password (see below).

Dsn=SQLPOITTOWN;uid=POITTOWNReport;Pwd=Xb521Aabc;persist security info=False

The report is appearing correctly.

Thanks @TT. for his valuable help

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