RadioButton inside grid column not showing selected values in Ext js 4.0

My code is here don't know what I'm doing wrong. my radio button is not group radio button its single button in separate column and if i select once i couldn't deselect it again

dataIndex: 'Regex',
flex     : 1,
text     : 'Regex',
hideable : false,
sortable :false,
editor: { 
    xtype     : 'radiofield',
    name      : 'Regex',
    //boxLabel: 'Checked',
    inputValue: 'Checked'
listeners: {
    //display the selected radiofield value
    change: function(obj, value){ 


Set the AfterRender listner of the radio button. For example,

var setIsChecked = function(field,store) {              


   <AfterRender Handler="setIsChecked(this,#{strQueries})"></AfterRender>

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