Attempting to log in using Google account in cfoauth tag

I am trying to login using the <cfoauth> tag, but am not able to do so. It is showing

Error: invalid_request

Below is my code.

type = "google"
clientid = "*****************es7t0r6qc"
secretkey = "**************tSF97WncM5ix9jtvD200"
result = "result"
redirecturi = ""

Please help.


The problem seems to be related to redirecturi. You need to provide an existing and valid URL of the page on which you want to redirect to after authentication.

For example if local URL of the page you are testing the code is http://localhost:8500/cfbuster/login.cfm , then redirecturi can be same page i.e. http://localhost:8500/cfbuster/login.cfm or another page http://localhost:8500/cfbuster/doLogin.cfm.

Apart from this, the redirecturi you wish to set, should be saved in Google Developers Consele >> API Manager >> Credentials screen under Authorized redirect URIs. In my case it is http://localhost:8500/cfbuster/test.cfm

In case the redirecturi passed is non existing or not saved in the API Authorized redirect URIs screen we get following error message:

Note 1: The redirecturi Must have a protocol. Cannot contain URL fragments or relative paths. Cannot be a public IP address.

Note 2: is the recommended login scope. The scope is not recommended as a login scope because, for users who have not upgraded to Google+, it does not return the user's name or email address.

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