Find revision in trunk that a branch was created from

I am trying to merge the latest changes from trunk into a branch of my project, but the problem is I don't know what revision of the trunk I checked out that I eventually created the branch from. I would think SVN logged this somewhere. Does anyone know how I can find the revision number?

(In other words, the Subversion equivalent of git merge-base master branch-name)


From the command line, the --stop-on-copy flag can be used to help show you where you copied a branch from:

svn log --stop-on-copy --limit 1 -r0:HEAD ^/branches/feature

The last line of will say something like this:

Changed paths:
   A /branches/feature (from /trunk:1234)

Perhaps a little bit late but.

If you're currently in the branch you can run:

svn log -r 1:HEAD --limit 1 --stop-on-copy

It displays the first revision of the branch i.e. when you created it.

Are you using TortoiseSvn or command line?

Command Line: svn log --stop-on-copy and then look at the smallest rev number.

Tortoise SVN: right-click, tortoise-svn, show log, make sure 'stop on copy' is *checked* and press refresh. Scroll to the bottom and find the smallest rev number.

If you have used svn copy to create a tag/branch, then svn log can tell you from where your stuff in the branch was copied. For example, let's say we have svn://svn/trunk/foo and we have created a branch svn://svn/branches/super_foo. Run svn log -v svn://svn/branches/super_foo, it will tell you something like this - /branches/super_foo from /trunk/foo:22890, which means that you have copied revision 22890 of trunk into your branch.

For the Cornerstone app, to see where a tag or branch originated, look in the timeline.

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