Is ASP.NET Identity open source?

I am trying to develop an NHibernate based UserManager for Identity, and have quickly found out there is a bit more to the user manager than just implementing the required Identity interfaces. Now the UserManager<TUser, TKey> class, which I wish to derive some inspiration from, is in the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework package, or the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core, Version= assembly, except they derive a UserManager<TUser, string> class, where I want a UserManager<TUser, int> manager.

I know there is an NHibernate.AspNet.Identity package, but they also force me to use string as a key type for everything. I would like to keep things open and write my own UserManager<TUser, TKey>, with pluggable data stores, but with my limited knowledge of Identity's deeper workings, I would have to borrow some code from one of these two packages.

I can easily decompile and use them, but I would prefer to honestly access the original source code and make a fork, or even a contribution. Can I do this, and how?


Currently released version of ASP.Net Identity is 2.2.1. Source code for this is available on Codeplex: This version is applicable for MVC 5, but will not work with ASP.Net Core.

If you are working with newer (not currently released) ASP.Net Core 1.0 you will need to get ASP.Net Identity v3 from GitHub:

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