Connecting to an Embedded Device over WiFi on Android

Working on a project where I have to interact directly with an Embedded device to set it up.

I've completed the iOS version of the APP, but now I'm on to the Android side of things. The embedded device goes into Access Point (AP) mode and I can see it in the list of WiFi networks available to Join when I bring up the WiFi settings screen on Android.

But if I try to connect to it, the connection shows up at the bottom of the list with a little ? mark symbol next to it and the word Disabled underneath it.

I interact with the embedded device by sending http post and get commands. This is 100% working on iOS, but I have no clue as to why Android won't let me establish the connection to the embedded device.

I understand this isn't a programming question per se, but I'm not seeing this addressed anywhere.


Ok this question is not programming type question . as my experience may be this wifi network are not support WPS connection or if support WPS network and your device are connected but internet are not sharing you can simple restart you phone than try to connect again may be you problem are solve

There was an error on the embedded programming side in regards to defining the name and connectivity of the network. This was not an Android issue. Thanks everyone.

The WiFi chipset was a Bluegiga chipset. When the embedded device was setting up the SSID for AP mode, the embedded processor was including a null string character to terminate the string. iOS seemed to be ok with it, but Android would not connect. Once the embedded programmer changed the way he was setting the SSID, the problem cleared up.

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