Javascript XML Http request using the Google Custom Search Element api

I am working on a chrome extension that was utilizing the google search api, to return an image from an ajax request. Apparently the api is no longer functional, so I was wondering how I could make a similar request with the Custom Search Element Api. I have pasted the portion of my code that was making the request below.

var logo = function (searchTerm, callback, message, name) {
    var searchUrl = ''     +
        '?v=1.0&q=' + encodeURIComponent(searchTerm);
    var x = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', searchUrl);

    // The Google image search API responds with JSON, so let Chrome parse it.
    x.responseType = 'json';

    x.onload = function() {
        // Parse and process the response from Google Image Search.
        var response = x.response;
        if (!response || !response.responseData || !response.responseData.results ||
            response.responseData.results.length === 0) {
            console.log( "loading error" )
        var firstResult = response.responseData.results[0];
        // Take the thumbnail instead of the full image to get an approximately
        // consistent image size.
        var imageUrl = firstResult.tbUrl;
        var width = parseInt(firstResult.tbWidth);
        var height = parseInt(firstResult.tbHeight);

            typeof imageUrl == 'string' && !isNaN(width) && !isNaN(height),
            'Unexpected respose from the Google Image Search API!');
        callback(imageUrl, width, height, message, name);
    x.onerror = function() {
         document.writeln("network error");

I have been trying to figure it out by reading the the documentation, but I could definitely use some help.


Here's the link of the docs: Using REST.

You need to create your own Custom Search Engine on google developer console, modify the getImageUrl() method accordingly.

change searchUrl

var searchUrl = '' +
    'key=' + 'YOUR_KEY' +
    '&cx=' + '00000:yourcx' +
    '&searchType=image' +
    '&q=' + encodeURIComponent(searchTerm);

and modify the response object according to the JSON.

You can refer to this question for how to tweak the console and refine search result.

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