Remove text from String via Regexp

in Java I want to remove some text from the following String via Regexp:





more Text

I want to remove the 2nd begin/end-Block which includes the String TOKEN_456.

Currently my regexp looks like the following


but this one removes the first AND second block.

Can anyone help please?



You can use

str = str.replaceFirst("(?s)begin(?:(?!begin).)*TOKEN_456.*?end\\s*", ""));

See the IDEONE demo and a regex demo.

The regex matches:

  • (?s) - a singleline modifier
  • begin - matches the leading boundary, a character sequence begin
  • (?:(?!begin).)* - a tempered greedy token that matches any text that is not starting the word begin
  • TOKEN_456 - a literal character sequence to match
  • .*?end - any number of any characters as few as possible, up to the closest end
  • \\s* - 0 or more whitespace (for trimming purposes).

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