Visual Studio Code, MAC OS X, OmniSharp server is not running

I've had several reads on guides in the official MS documentation to get started but no matter what I do, when I try to run dnu restore from VS Code, I keep getting the Omnisharp server is not running thing. dnu from command line works fine.

I Found this post: Can't run commands within Visual Studio Code on OS X but I installed mono in all the ways mentioned with no luck. Is there any way to find why omnisharp server is not running in any log left by vscode?



Had the same problem. Using dnvm upgrade -u made it worse because the -u options tells the version manager (dnvm) to use the "unstable" feed. I did a straight dnvm upgrade and it works now.

I had the same problem try below commands. Run dnvm list to see what runtimes you have installed, I had one coreclr and one mono so I used the below dnvm commands to uninstall them.

dnvm uninstall 1.0.0-rc1-update1 -r mono  
dnvm uninstall 1.0.0-rc1-update1 -r coreclr

Then run

dnvm upgrade -u

This should fix your problem.

I have experienced same issue and I have created small post about it here Hope it will help someone

Quick solution

dnvm list

if you have multiple version uninstall them and then install last stable version

dnvm upgrade

Then run the application again and it should run

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