Jquery print pdf contained in a string

I'm having some problems in the printing of a pdf. Using the following AJAX (that goes well, without any error) I retrive a string from print_invitee.php, passing some data ("data_e"), that contains a pdf made from an HTML.

My question is: how can I open the print window option with the content of "data" only using jQuery?

AJAX call:

    method : "POST",
    url : "print_invitee.php",
    data : data_e,
    success : function(data) {
        if (data) {


function create_pdf_ricevuta_invitee(...*somecorrectparams*...) {
    $date = date("Y-m-d h:i:sa");
    $content = **...contentinhtml...**;
    $html2pdf = new HTML2PDF('P','A4','it');
    $content_PDF = $html2pdf->Output('', true);
    return $content_PDF;
echo create_pdf_ricevuta_inviter(...*somecorrectparams*...);

As you probably noticed I'm using http://html2pdf.fr/.

EDIT (add from comments): I'm on a server in which I can't create N pdf files.


Try to create PDF file and return link of that. Then you will get a link in ajax and handle it as you like (show PDF or link to PDF):

$content_PDF = $html2pdf->Output('exemple.pdf');

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