I am try to write the DDL script for a DB. I am trying to link the the fields area_number and seat_number with the table tickets

I keep getting the

Error Code: 1215. Cannot add foreign key constraint.

The table tickets will build, if I remove area_number and seat_number as FOREIGN KEYS.

-- Area:

    venue_name VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, 
    area_number INTEGER(5) NOT NULL, 
    seat_number INTEGER(5) NOT NULL, 
    PRIMARY KEY (venue_name),
    PRIMARY KEY (area_number),
    PRIMARY KEY (seat_number),
    FOREIGN KEY(venue_name) REFERENCES venue(venue_name) ON DELETE CASCADE); 

-- Tickets:

CREATE TABLE tickets( 
    ticket_code VARCHAR (20) NOT NULL, 
    venue_name VARCHAR (20) NOT NULL, 
    ticket_type VARCHAR (20) NOT NULL,
    event_name VARCHAR (60) NOT NULL,
    area_number INTEGER (5),
    seat_number INTEGER (5), 
    PRIMARY KEY(ticket_code), 
    FOREIGN KEY (ticket_type) REFERENCES ticket_type (ticket_type), 
    FOREIGN KEY (venue_name) REFERENCES venue (venue_name) ON DELETE CASCADE,
    FOREIGN KEY (event_name) REFERENCES _event (event_name) ON DELETE CASCADE,
    FOREIGN KEY (area_number) REFERENCES area (area_number),
    FOREIGN KEY (seat_number) REFERENCES area (seat_number));


Make sure area_number and seat_number are primary keys in area. A foreign key must reference a primary key in the target table.

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