Laravel throwing error for route with Angular

This is pretty much it, the 'id' => '@{{ }}' breaks it

<a href="{{ route('my.path', ['id' => '@{{ }}' ] ) }}">#@{{ }}</a>

I get

syntax error, unexpected '}'

Any idea how I can use angular data in route? Or another solution?

This doesn't work either (same error)

<a href="{{ action('MyController@show', '@{{}}' ) }}">#@{{ }}</a>


Got a bit of a hacky solution

<a ng-href="{{ route('my.path' , '') }}/@{{ }}">#@{{ }}</a>

To make it a bit more readable I did this:

$scope.viewPath = "{{ route('my.path' , '') }}";

And then

<a ng-href="@{{ viewPath + '/' + }}">#@{{ }}</a>

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