Is there a server-side session in meteor

I have a meteor site in which the login process is done via github. Github has a a very easy API and I can easily do this. However, when this authentication process is done, I have no idea how to validate requests made by the client. I think I need to use the collection's allow and deny methods, but how do I know which user made the request. I haven't seen any cookie information. Any help would be appreciated ?


allow and deny pass the userId along with the object trying to be updated...

We do it like this:

  insert: function (userId, fundraiser) {
    return userId;

  update: function (userId, fundraiser, fields) {
    return fundraiser.userId === userId;

  remove: function (userId, fundraiser) {
    return fundraiser.userId === userId;

Kind of, and its default expiration time is 90 days:

console.log("sessions:", Meteor.user().services.resume.loginTokens)

Unfortunately services.resume.loginTokens is not valid for storage according to Mongo, so use UserSession.

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