Jasmine tests check if html contains text and return boolean


The view does contain the word 'Admin' so I was expecting it to return true. How can I achieve this?


This returns undefined. How can I make it return true?

<header class="main">
  <div id="heading">
    <ul class="header-view right">
      <li class="inline"><a href="#link" class="button help-btn tab-btn"><span>  </span>Help</a></li>
      <li class="inline last"><a href="#og" class="button admin-btn tab-btn expand-admin"><span></span>Admin</a></li>

This is what is returned from view.$el.html

Please help.


From the Jasmine docs:

The 'toContain' matcher is for finding an item in an Array

You are trying to find a string inside a string so I would do something like this:

expect(view.$el.html().indexOf('Admin') !== -1).toBe(true);

toContain() now can actually be used for substring in string checks:


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