Improve regular expression

I want to match something like this in PHP:


However I don't want to match something like this:


I am writing it like this:


I heard regular expression have many features like greedy etc. and they also need to be efficient ? Is the above regualar expression good ?


I wrote a little regex here that captures it like the format you wrote. It might need some slight changes as I didn't know how many digits could be in after class.

class-(\d{2}) #Matches class, makes sure that class only is 2 digits - captures class digits
\/([^\/]{3}) #captures first 3 characters that aren't a slash.
\/([^\/]{3}) #Capture 3 characters again.
\/([^\/]{2}) #captures two characters
\/([^\/]{3}) #Captures 3 characters
\/things_to_remember\/ #Matches last piece of string.

You can test it out here.

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