Fix type erasure after matching a list

Consider the following recursive function:

def example (param: List[Int]): Int = {
    case Nil => 0
    case x :: xs => example(xs)

This leads to the following error:

type mismatch;
[error]  found   : List[Any]
[error]  required: List[Int]

From the declaration of parameters it should be clear that the result of the decomposition will be an Int and a List[Int], but obviously the compiler does not think so. How can I make this work?


You have missed param match statement. Try this:

def example (param: List[Int]): Int = param match {
  case Nil => 0
  case x :: xs => example(xs)

As the accepted answer indicates, you're missing a param match after the =. Alternately, you can avoid the param match part by defining example as a function value :

val example: List[Int] => Int = {
  case Nil => 0
  case x :: xs => example(xs)

The block with case statements is treated as anonymous function by the compiler.

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