how to use beautifulsoup to fetch data in slim scroll window

Recently I came across a problem of trying to fetch data from slim scroll window in a website. I can see all the tags and their class/id/type in Chrome Inspect element with not problem.

The webpage is The table I am looking at is

From soup, I can still visit the parent {div class="panel-body table-pannel-body"} but not this tag {div class = "slimScrollDiv" style=........} which contains the table I am interested.

It is confusing to me why I can see them on Chrome but would not be able to fetch by soup. Appreciate if anyone could help. Thanks a lot!


Due to it's dynamic nature the table is being created/updated from javascript.

You are likely only downloading the HTML before the DOM is constructred dynamically with javascript. So you'll need to use a browser, e.g. with selenium, to see the same DOM that you can have in chrome.

Note that selenium can use headless browsers, like PhantomJS.

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