Creating first image on bluemix docker

I'm trying to create a simple ubuntu image on docker within Bluemix. I have the cli setup (at the latest version) but keep getting a login prompt when trying to push the image.

My dockerfile is trivial:

RUN echo "Imaged" > /tmp/image.txt

I build it with sudo docker build -t ubuntu

then tag it with

sudo docker tag ubuntu

I login with

cf login

Then push with

[ibmcloud@analyticsadmin docker]$ sudo docker push
The push refers to a repository [] (len: 1)
Sending image list

Please login prior to push:

I'm new to bluemix/docker so user error is highly likely. Can you spot my error? My DOCKER* environment variables are set as appropriate for my bluemix container service.


It seems you missed the step to login to the IBM Containers registry, that's why docker push is asking you for the username.

After cf login you have to run the following command as well:

$ cf ic login 

This will authenticate you to the IBM Containers registry so you can push your images.

Please note that ic is a plugin you have to install for the cf command line interface. If you have not installed it yet please see instructions in the following link:

For example to install plugin in Linux system run the following command:

$ cf install-plugin

A typo I see in your commands is that you tag your container for sending it to the UK data center (eu-gb) then try to push it to the south US one (ng), that's why I think the second command asks you to login.

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