Python/Django: virtualenv not recognizing app

I created a virtual environment (virtualenv env)and then created a python project for scraping websites. I installed the following using pip...


When ever I run the command python runserver I am getting the following error a ImportError: No module named flower.views error ('flower' in the name of my app).

The catch is that when I run the app outside of the virtual environment it works flawlessly, but if I bring it back into the virtual environment it breaks giving me the error state above.

Things I have tried...

1) checked INSTALLED APPS to make sure the app was there 2) tried to python migrate to make sure I migrated (got the same error) 3) removed old env file and created new virtual environment using the virtualenv env command & subsequently installed all of the previously displayed requirements that I listed above using pip 4) Tried removing and recreating the file in the apps folder 5) Looked for any similar SO posts regarding my troubles (found nothing).

Let me know if there are any files you would like me to post. I would happily oblige.


Apparently the directories structure changes when I enter my virtual environment.

All I needed to do is change... from apps.flower.views import Index to from views import IndexIn my flower apps file.

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