Append element ,getting append twice

$('label[id="p-n-from"]').on('click',function() {
    var fromele = $('<div id="p-n-from-'+ifrom+'" class="input-control text"  data-role="input"><span class="mif-location prepend-icon"></span><input id="from['+ifrom+']" placeholder =" Enter Pick Up Location"  type="text" required></div>');
    return false;           

<div class="col-md-6 ">
  <label class="input-control ">From</label>
  <div id="from-div">
    <div id="p-n-from-1" class="input-control text" data-role="input">
      <span class="mif-location prepend-icon"></span>
      <input id="from[0]" placeholder="Enter pickup " type="text" required>
  <div id="" class="col-md-6 ">
    <label id="p-n-from" class="input-control">
      <button class="button mini-button cycle-button mif-plus fg-green"></button>Add More</label>
<div class="col-md-6 ">
  <div id="to-div">
    <label class="input-control ">To</label>
    <div id="p-n-to-1" class="input-control text" data-role="input">
      <span class="mif-location prepend-icon"></span>
      <input id="to[0]" placeholder="Enter drop location" type="text" required>



If you are using a div only add the inputs, try this:

1 - Add a div in your html

<div id='IdYourDiv'></div>

2 - Configure the script

var fromele = "<input type='text' id='input1'/><br><input type='text' id='input2'/>";


putting it before the trigger helped .

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