Uncaught ReferenceError: Ionic is not defined for Ionic Push

I'm trying to add Ionic.io Push to my application but its throwing Ionic is not defined

ReferenceError: Ionic is not defined
var push = new Ionic.Push({

Everything is working fine except this undefined error, I've run this command to update lib but nothing happen, bundle version is * Ionic, v1.1.0

ionic lib update

My app.js

angular.module('TestApp', ['ionic','ionic.service.core',
.run(function($ionicPlatform,$rootScope,$location,$timeout,$anchorScroll,$state,$ionicHistory,$cordovaPush) {

    $ionicPlatform.ready(function() {

        var push = new Ionic.Push({
          "debug": true

        push.register(function(token) {
          console.log("Device token:",token.token);


Just add below line after

<script src="lib/ionic/ionic.bundle.js"></script>

in your index.html file.

<script src="lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.js"></script>

This error occurs before you run ionic io init. It's also necessary to run ionic config set dev_push true right after that if you're running the app in a browser (otherwise you'll get "PushNotification is not defined"). The whole push notification setup procedure is described here.

In following the setup steps, Ionic CLI autowrote to my index.html:

<script src="lib/ionic-platform-web-client/dist/ionic.io.bundle.min.js"></script>

but I had to manually retrieve the source file (ionic.io.bundle.min.js) from:


and put it in the expected directory:


I also had to disable and then re-enable limited pushes from the CLI:

ionic config set dev_push true

Nothing else worked for me. Good luck!

You have to verify your ionic-cli version. It has to be the latest, or at least 1.7.10. check enter link description here

Ionic.io(); was supposed to be overruled in the latest version. However, adding Ionic.io(); before var push =Ionic.Push() solved the problem for me. i.e, after i had added the ionic-platform-web-client and push-plugin.

This is a general dependency problem! This means somehow your Ionic dependency from bower is not installed correctly. Try to run "bower install" to install all the dependencies again.

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