How to make a log plot in matlab

Is it possible to make a plot in matlab that does not actually take the logs of the values? I'm plotting wide ranges of values and when I try to make a log plot of them, those below 1 become negative. I would just like it to plot the values on a log scale without taking their logs.


Yes, it is possible. Use the loglog command.

The example from the Mathworks website:

x = logspace(-1,2);   % generate a sequence of points equally spaced logarithmically
grid on

If you do not want both axes to be log scale, use semilogx or semilogy.

Alternatively, set(gca,'XScale','log') if you have your plot already.

So, you want to plot liner data on logarithmic axes? You can exponentiate you values before using the log plot. This way the point p=(10,3) will plot at the x=10 position.

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