selecting an element in xml using linq extension methods

I am little new to linq and was wondering how i can select the application in the following xml based on the application name using Extension Methods (not using the query expression)




Assuming that by "the SQL way of selecting" you mean "using a query expression", let's start off with your query expression:

var v = from b in root.Descendants("application")
      where b.Element("name").Value.Trim().ToLower() == appName.Trim().ToLower()
      select b;

With extension methods, this would just be:

var v = root.Descendants("application")
            .Where(b => b.Element("name").Value.Trim().ToLower() ==

I would recommend against making case-insensitive comparisons this way though - it has cultural problems. Use something like this instead:

var v = root.Descendants("application")
            .Where(b => b.Element("name").Value.Trim().Equals(appName.Trim(),

(or one of the other StringComparison options - or an instance of StringComparer).

You might also want to trim appName once rather than for every comparison...

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