View syntax errors from an external CQL script?

I am wondering if there is a simple way to view any syntax errors that may have been present in a .cql script that I run through cqlsh?

I have created several scripts with a huge number of INSERT statements to load data into my Cassandra db. To create the scripts I did a find/replace using notepad++ to prep the file (Yes, in hindsight I should have just wrote a Python script).

I know that there should be 7,500 records after I run the script, but there are only 7,483 - I suspect that some of the INSERTstatements aren't properly formatted (since I hacked the statements together) but I don't get any feedback from cqlsh.


I suggest trying DataStax DevCenter. It's a free tool (after registering on the website). It's a bit more of an IDE type experience where it will highlight syntax errors as you type. You could try pasting in your giant script and see what it shows.

The other thing I would check is to make sure you don't have any duplicates based on your primary key definition.

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