Compiler standards support (c++11, c++14, c++17)

How do I find which standards my GCC compiler supports? I don't mean how do I find out at the compilation time what C++ standard is being used (checking defined constants), but before compiling, how can I check availible standards to use (for flag -std=c++??)?

The information is not present in man g++.

I can check out my gcc version by g++ --version besides manualy trying the options?

Is it possible to find somewhere table of GCC versions and supported standards?


This information is available on GCC official website. Here are the relevant tables:

C++11 features support

C++14 features support

C++17 features support

gcc and g++ do not have a command line option to check this out. It would be nice that the -v option would tell something about the supported standards. Instead you can check the online docs at gcc Standards and the useful synopsis at

According to cppreference, full support of c++11 came with gcc 4.8.1;

To have full support of c++14 (with some of the new features of c++17), instead, you need gcc 5.0 and above.

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