Meteor : Iterate through array of Objects inside an Object

I'm currently trying to iterate through an array of Objects inside an Object. I have my Collection "Proposals", and this is the corresponding Schema :

Schemas.ProposalsSchema = new SimpleSchema({
  'content': {
    type: String,
    max: 140
  'parties': {
    type: [Object],
    autoform : {
      type: "select-multiple"
  'parties.$._id': {
    type: Object,
    optional: true
  'parties.$._id._str': {
    type: String
  'parties.$.name': {
    type: String

I would like to iterate through the array of parties inside one of my template. I tried this :

{{#each proposals}}
    <p>{{#each parties}} {{}} {{/each}}</p>

The content is displayed, but not the name of the different parties. Here's my template helper :

  proposals: () => Proposals.find().fetch()

Do you know what do i do wrong?

Thank you in advance.


The code you posted looks ok.

Things you need to check are:

  1. Is the "parties" field populated in a database? (you can run Proposals.find().fetch() in a meteor shell to check it).

    If not, find out why it is not populated.

  2. Is the "parties" field published to client? (you can run Proposals.find().fetch() in a browser console and see the results).

    If not, check your publication.

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