SELECT trouble with DIFFTIME

I want to know the time difference between two dates. for example:

    SELECT TIMEDIFF('2012-12-19 22:00:00','2012-12-10 19:00:00');
| TIMEDIFF('2012-12-19 22:00:00','2012-12-10 19:00:00') |
| 219:00:00                                             |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Now i want to extract the hours.

mysql> SELECT HOUR(SELECT TIMEDIFF('2012-12-19 22:00:00','2012-12-10 19:00:00'));
ERROR 1064 (42000): 

Why doesn't work?



SELECT HOUR(TIMEDIFF('2012-12-19 22:00:00','2012-12-10 19:00:00'));

This could resolve your problem:

SELECT TIME_FORMAT(TIMEDIFF('2012-12-19 22:00:00','2012-12-10 19:00:00'),'%H');

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