Excel VBA doesn't recognize manually opened .xlam add-in

I have an excel add-in that can't be found in Application.AddIns. I'm manually opening the add-in by going to File -> Open -> browse to addin.xlam. Do add-ins need to be programmatically added in order to show up in Application.AddIns?



I do not see my addin in either of these print functions. In the first one, it just prints the name of my current workbook and that is all. The second one successfully prints out my other 10 add-ins that have been programmatically added, but not the one that was manually added.

Sub MsgWorkbooks()

    Dim s As String
    For Each wb In Workbooks
        s = s + app.Name
    Next wb
    MsgBox s

End Sub

Sub MsgAddIns()

    Dim s As String
    For Each app In Application.AddIns
        s = s + app.Name
    Next app
    MsgBox s

End Sub


Maybe you need to install it:

Sub InstallAddIn()
    Dim AI As Excel.AddIn
    Set AI = Application.AddIns.Add(Filename:="d:\addin.xlam") 'change the addin fullname 
    AI.Installed = True
End Sub

more information here

As Doug Glancy comment we can check whether the addin is available like any normal workbook. so we can use this function:

Function IsAddinLoaded(adName As String) As Boolean

  Dim addinWB As Workbook

  On Error Resume Next
   Set addinWB = Workbooks(adName)
   If Err = 0 Then IsAddinLoaded = True
  On Error GoTo 0      

End Function

To test:

Sub Test()

   if IsAddinLoaded("addin.xlam") = true Then ' change the name of addin
    msgbox "Addin is loaded"
    msgbox "Addin not loaded"
   End if

End Sub

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