HDFS API - count the number of directories, files and bytes

How do you get the DIR_COUNT, FILE_COUNT, CONTENT_SIZE FILE_NAME in HDFS programatically in Scala/Java? (Not through Shell)

val fileStatus = fileSystem.getFileStatus(new Path(path))
val fileByteSize = fileStatus.getLen

FileSystem API doesn't seem to have those information. I can only get the file size of 1 file (code above). But I don't get the file count and byte size per directory.

I'm looking for a similar behavior to:

hdfs dfs -count [-q] <paths>

which count the number of directories, files and bytes under the path provided


You can use FileSystem.listStatus method to get information about files and directories in a given HDFS directory.

You can use the returned array of FileStatus objects to calculate total size, count of files, etc.

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