How to change Setup.exe icon when publishing through clickonce

Is there any way to set custom icon for setup.exe file when publishing through VS for click once publish. Always after publishing, I am getting setup.exe file and with the icon (kind of black disc image) but after installing the application, I can see my custom logo on the startmenu,ctrlpanel.


I'm not aware of any way to change the icon BEFORE building the project so that once the ClickOnce is deployed it already has the icon, however you can edit the setup.exe icon AFTER deployment quite easily. If anyone else knows of a way to do it before then they can trump my answer.

In Visual Studio go to File > Open > File and browse to the setup.exe for your ClickOnce deployment. Open this file.

You should see a folder tree. Right click on the Icon node and choose Add Resource.

It should already have the Icon resource type chosen on the left so click Import on the right to add your icon.

Your icon will open up in Visual Studio, just close this tab. You should be back to your folder tree. Look under the Icon node and make sure your icon has the lowest ID number.

Save the file.

Your setup.exe will now have the new icon.

Disclaimer: For me Windows was weird and didn't refresh the icon right away. If I went to its properties or copied the file elsewhere I could see the icon immediately. I imagine it's a caching thing.

Edit: Screenshot:

Double-click on the properties for your main project.

Click on the Application tab. (I'm assuming C# here. If you're doing VB, post back if it's different and I'll see if it's the same.)

In the middle of the page, there is an option for "icon and manifest". Browse to find the icon you want to use and select it. It needs to be in the top folder of your project; I think it will put it there when you select it. The icon will be deployed with your project, and will be used in the Start Menu. (You can doublecheck the Application Files dialog -- it should be in there marked include(auto)).

You can set the icon on the forms to point to the same icon, and show it on all your forms too.

this link got your answer:

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