Laravel Eloquent skip n, take all?

I've noticed that in Laravel when chaining a skip() you must also use take() as well. I want to skip the first n rows but take the rest. The take method only allows integers how can I do this without resorting to some hacky trick such as specifying a large number for take?


Basically, with every OFFSET, a LIMIT must be supplied for mysql to work. Therefore, there is no way to do this without sepcifying a limit. We need some php mojo to work here.

Let's say we have an Eloquent Class named Attendance. Here's what should work:

//Getting count
$count = Attendance::count();
$skip = 5;
$limit = $count - $skip; // the limit
$collection = Attendance::skip($skip)->take($limit)->get();

I think this is not a good answer, because you're forcing to do two queries, the right way will be:

$collection = Attendance::skip($skip)->take($limit)->get();

You can see more about collections here

If you're using MySQL and you don't want to have 2 queries to get the max rows, you may use the PHP maximum INT value as take() parameter e.g. take(PHP_INT_MAX).

It's because Laravel Query Grammar casts the limit to integer. So you can't use a larger number than that.

From MySQL documentation on LIMIT:

To retrieve all rows from a certain offset up to the end of the result set, you can use some large number for the second parameter.

For example:


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