How to use Wireshark in live mode via SSHFS

I have a remote machine that I run experiments on. On this machine, I want to sniff the packets sent and received. On the machine in front of me, I want to open Wireshark and see the packets live.

The only way I have to access the remote machine is SSH.

What do I do?


  1. Establish an SSH-mount using SSHFS.
  2. Make sure that stdbuf is available (using homebrew on OS X or Cygwin on Windows).
  3. Start capturing on the remote machine using

    stdbuf -o0 sudo ibdump -s -o - > sniffer.pcap

  4. Run Wireshark on the client

    stdbuf -o0 tail -c +0 -F /sshfsmount/sniffer.pcap | ./Wireshark.exe -k -i -

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