userInterfaceIdiom returning wrong values on real devices

My app was rejected because there is a problem on the iPad UI of my app. I have fixed it before this getting rejected by checking if the device was an iPad to make some minor adjustments to the UI measures. The problem is that when I call:

UIDevice.currentDevice().userInterfaceIdiom //returns .Unspecified
traitCollection.userInterfaceIdiom //returns -1

On a real iPad I get .Unspecified. Why is this?


In order to fix this I have created a custom method which actually works on a real iPad

public extension UIDevice {

func isIpadDevice() -> Bool {
    let identifier = deviceIdentifier()

    return identifier.lowercaseString.containsString("ipad")

private func deviceIdentifier() -> String {
    var systemInfo = utsname()
    let machineMirror = Mirror(reflecting: systemInfo.machine)
    let identifier = machineMirror.children.reduce("") { identifier, element in
        guard let value = element.value as? Int8 where value != 0 else { return identifier }
        return identifier + String(UnicodeScalar(UInt8(value)))

    return identifier


In order to use it call

UIDevice.currentDevice().isIpadDevice() //wohoo

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