mongodb (robomongo) different database's connection query

Ok I'm looking for a best way to move around 2 databases within robomongo.

For example I'm filtering one database on some criterium db.getCollection('test').find({status: "NEW"}) I'm getting a list of those records

Now I'm getting list of unique parameters of those records (some do have this parameter some don't e.g. seconddatabaseid) - I can see them in table view of my query. And now I'd like to make a new query (list query) to another database with another condition to those records but on different database.

I'm kind of fresh in playing with robomongo I don't know if it's doable from program or should I start playing with some scripts? I'm looking for a best way to move around two databases which are kind of connected.


Robomongo is a shell-centric tool, which means you can do almost everything you can do in a standard mongo shell. I believe this answers the question how to make cross-db queries.

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