How do I create a Jenkins Build Pipeline?

I have downloaded Jenkins' Build Pipeline Plugin.

The docs state:

Create a view of the new type Build Pipeline View.

You will then be redirected directly to the configuration page.

I just don't see the right button to create a new pipeline. What am I missing?


As per your quotation a Build Pipeline is not of a job kind: it is a view. You have to use "Create view" which is rendered as a plus sign placed in right-most tab. Or you can use direct link: There you will be able to select "Build Pipeline View" and proceed to its configuration page.

The Build Pipeline plugin allows you to create views of the downstream and upstream relations between your jobs (and also add manual steps in-between them). To create the pipeline you should first define these relations by using post-build triggers or the Build after other projects are built option, for example.

Then, you create the view as izzekil described in his answer and get a pipeline similar to the one below:

I have Jenkins v 1.6 and I had it under the + button here:

In addition to @izzekil's useful link above to the newView page, you might also be able to make sure of the Views tab if you have it on the Jenkins home page.

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