Quicktime X - How to hide mouse during screen capture?

I am attempting to record an app demo on the simulator, and want to use the Quicktime screen capture feature. However, I would like to hide the mouse during the capture. Is this possible? Doesn't seem to be a built in feature, so I am assuming I need to use some sort of plugin or hack. Any suggestions?


QuickTime itself does not seem to offer this functionality therefore you have to resort to some other means to hide the cursor. On OSX there are some tools that allow this.

Cursourcerer is the first that springs to mind. However, as this really hides the cursor, it might not be ideal as you yourself will not be able to see what you are doing.

However, if you do not need to use QuickTime per se, it seems there are commercial screen recording solutions allowing this sort of thing such as Screenflow. I am not affiliated but the price seems reasonable and there is a demonstration of desired behavior here.

You don't record your app in your computer, but directly on your iPad or iPhone, connected to your Mac with a lightning cable. Then in Quicktime you select the "New movie recording" option (instead of "New screen recording"), then you will be able to select your iPad/iPhone as the "camera" and start recording your app running in your iOS device.

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