adb error: more than one device - android


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I got it

C:\Users\MBH>adb devices -l
List of devices attached
0123456789ABCDEF       device product:ZEN model:ZEN device:ZEN
0123456789ABCDEF       device product:full_gs702c model:M757 device:gs702c

Then I could use the model number for shelling

C:\Users\MBH>adb -s model:M757 shell
shell@gs702c:/ $ ls

it works now

You can run every command of adb by selecting the device by deviceID. run command to get Device Id:

adb devices

you will get the list of all available devices something like this:

<device ID> device
emulator-5554 offline

the copy the device id run commad like this:

adb -s <device ID> <your command>


adb -s <device ID> tcpip 5555


adb -s <device ID> forward tcp:59900 tcp:59900

this will not get the error like "more than one device/emulator"


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