Greater latitude and longitude values

I came across a dataset which has Latitude values in the range (0,181.763) i.e. minimum latitude is 0 degree and maximum latitude is 181.763 degree and Longitude values in the range (228.722,242.008) i.e. minimum latitude is 228.722 degree and maximum latitude is 242.008 degree. Is there some way by which I may confine the latitude and longitude's to correct boundaries?


well if they are spherical coordinates, long 181.763deg points in the same direction as -178.237deg or 361.763deg, depending on the conventions used

to transform latitude ranges of (228.722,242.008) to (-90,90) the transformation matrix to use is ((x-228.722)/0.073811)-90 for each point x. for example 229.3deg gives -82.169deg

it could be that you are using slightly scaled (elliptical) polar coordinates and you can transform them back by division...

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