Where can I find the possible codepage parameter values for C++ ICU Unicode?

ICU is a library to support internalization. In C++ you have constructors or methods with codepage being a const char * parameter.

UnicodeString (const char *codepageData, const char *codepage)

I understood this is the encoding of your codepageData. There's no documentation whatsoever I could find on what are the valid strings for it. I suppose, but that's just a guess, those will be something like:

  • UTF-8 or UTF_8 or utf-8 or utf_8
  • ASCII or ascii
  • .. ans so on

Any idea or link to the list of possible values?


I found this on their site: http://demo.icu-project.org/icu-bin/convexp (and use the left side names)

For example: US-ASCII

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